This gets it's own category... Our own recipe and process to prepare and serve to the masses. The hands down best seller. The tri-tip Filly and the tri-tip Filly Fries(its hard to talk people into trying some of our other great menu items). Put it on you Mac n Cheese or get creative, we will work with you... just be reasonable, ok.

Our Food

Filly Fries

Fries on Steroids (just a phrase no actual steroids are used). Fries, melted mixed cheese, all the ingredients of your favorite Filly(minus the bread) and topped with our chipotle aioli.

Diggity Dog

Our version of a weiner wrap. 1/4lb beef frank rolled into a flatbreab with our own garlic herb aioli, then press grilled to perfection and served with our chipotle aioli

Specials and other menu items

We have kids menu items, daily specials and we will cater to dietary needs if ingredients are available. 

The Filly 

Not to be confused with the "Philly". This is an original "West Coast Filly", "Open face Sando", American Euro", "Bread Taco"... What ever you want to call it, we believe once you have it you will agree it stands on it's own.

Mac n Cheese

A favorite! Our own recipe, Simple and options for add-ons, with a kids size too.

Yah, that's Bacon Mac shown above! 

TG's Burgers

A simple value burger, starting at $7. With options to add and special burgers frequent the menu.

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